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Stage 31: Ribadiso do Baixo – O Pedrouzo Distance: 24.5km

Stage 31: Ribadiso do Baixo - O Pedrouzo topograph

Ribadiso do Baixo

From Ribadiso follow the countryroad uphill through suburbs before reaching the town of Arzúa


Arzúa is the last major town before Santiago, with a population of around 7,000.
It is famous for it’s cheese, Quiexo, a smooth creamy cheese made with cows milk and weighing around 1kg.
The annual cheese festival, Fiesta de Quiexo, with over 100,000 varieties of cheese on display, is held on the first Sunday of March.
The main monuments of Arzúa incluse the 14th century Capilla de la Magdalena and the modern 20th century Igelsia de Santiago with it’s statue of Santiago Matamoro.

FerreiroThe camino runs through the old part of Arzúa along the Calle del Carmen before crossing a stream into a wooded area.
The route passes through many small hamlets including Raído, Cortobe, then through Calzada into Calle where you’ll find two cafés.
Continue on for another 1.5km through Boavista and Alto before reaching Salceda where there’s a bar and a shop.
After Salceda, pass a monument to pilgrim Guillermo Watt, who died here on route to Santiago, and cotinue on through Xen and Ras into Brea


After Brea you have a choice to continue along the road into Santa Irene or to take a right along a path through a wooded area to Alto de Santa Irene. Here you’ll find a fountain and a picnic / rest area.
From here cross the road onto a track that leads through woods, then a tunnel before arriving at Santa Irene with it’s 18th century Iglesia de Santa Irene.

Santa Irene

Proceed on the camino along the road leading into A Rúa

A Rúa

To reach O Pedrouza / Arca de Pino, continue through A Rúa along a small country road which leads to the main road (N-547).
If you want to continue on to Santiago go straight ahead over the main road and back onto the track to San Antón.
Iglesia Parroquial, O Pedrouza / Arca do Pino

Else turn left here and after about 600m you’ll come to O Pedrouza / Arca de Pino

O Pedrouza / Arca do Pino

O Pedrouza / Arca do Pino has a lot of shops, bars and restaurants to choose from.
Located not too far from your final destination of Santiago de Compostela.
The Pllgrim mass is held at 12:00 each day in Santiago Cathedral so to make it on time you may need to leave a little earlier than usual.


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