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Stage 2: Roncesvalles – Larrasoaña Distance: 28km

Stage 2: Roncesvalles - Larrasoaña topograph


Heading out of Roncesvalles take a left and walk for about 200m, you will see a map of the camino at which point you take a right down a small woodland track. After walking for 2km this track takes you to the outskirts of Burguete (Auritz)


BurgueteVery attractive, 18th century houses dominate both sides of the main street of this pretty Basque village.

Ernest Hemingway lodged in Burguete during the 1920s and described it in his novel The Sun Also Rises.
Hotel Burguette still has a piano with his signature on it.
The Iglesia de San Nicolas de Barri can be found in the centre of the village. Beside the church there’s a nice cafe, Café Frontón, which serves breakfast.


Leaving Burguete go down the main street past Iglesia de San Nicolas de Bari and the public garden. Take a right turn after 50m on the side of the Banco Central Hispano. Follow the track and cross the Río Urrobi.
Go straight to the footbridge over the stream, taking this track brings you to the road below Iglesia San Bartolomé and the tower of the Bibliotheca Publica on the other side of the road signposted to Espinal.


Espinal is a Basque village which dates back to 1269. Some of the houses display weapons above their doors.
Here you have a choice of bars, restaurants, panaderia shops.
If you plan on staying here there is Camping Urrobi which has bungalows for rent as well as a private albergue with 42 beds. Tel: (0033) 948-76 02 00
Turn right on the main road in the village. Pass the fountain and turn left at and take the small stretch of road uphill which takes you into the beech woods.
Fork right at the top, turn left through gate and continue right along gravel lane. Keep straight on this lane with a fence on the side of the field. Leave the gate at end and cross the road at Alto de Mezquiriz.
After crossing the road do not go straight through the gate and up the track, instead take a left down a small footpath before you reach the fence.

Taking the left footpath takes you down through a gate to a lane, 60m later you reach a road at a bend. Take the old, shaded tunnel-like path and turn left at the fork then continue downhill through beech wood and across the Río Erro.


Cross the road into the village of Biskarreta.



BiskarretaBiskarreta is a small village with a shop and bar. You can get a pilgrim stamp, sello, at the church.
Casa Rural La Posada Nueva. Tel: (0033) 948 76 01 73
At the end of the village turn left at the shop and pass a small cemetery then take the middle of three small pathways, continue on until you cross a main road and take the path into Lintzoian.
Follow the road through village past the roofed frontón turn right uphill under a wooden footbridge over the road and keep straight on uphill on what becomes a stony lane.
Cross a road and keep going until you come to a Camino milestone marker, a yellow painted rock. Continue on to Linzoáin past the pelota court onto a woodland trail until you come to Alto de Erro.
Cross the main road. Keep straight on through more woods after 1km pass to the left of an old building; this is the Venta del Caminante or Venta del Puerto, a former pilgrim inn.
Continue downhill all the way to Zubiri.


ZubiriIn the Basque language, Zubiri means village with the bridge.The bridge itself is called el Puente de la Rabia.

Legend has it that any animal that crossed the bridge’s central pllar three times would be cured from rabies.

The large building immediately to the right before the bridge was a former hospital, probably a leprosarium.

Leaving Zubiri on a well marked marked path to a junction on gravel road near an industrial estate. As the factories come to an end take a right and walk down some steep steps.


Keep straight ahead and cross a stream and keep straight down the foot path. This leads uphill to the hamlet of Ilarratz.
Turn left at fountain and then right towards the hamlet of Esquirotz. On the other side of the hamlet follow a dirt track until it comes to a road.
Cross it, go up a short flight of steps and keep straight onto a footpath through a field.
You’ll come to a camino map, here you can take a left to continue on the camino or take a right to across Puente Larrasoaña into Larrasoaña.


LarrasoañaHere you will see a statue of St James outside the Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari.

Opposite the church is a large building which is the Clavería de Roncesvalles.
There are no shops or restaurants in Larasoaña but the village bar is open for evening meals if you order in advance.


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